Napiers History of Herbal Healing, Ancient & Modern

What are spleenwort, figwort and toadflax and how are they traditionally used?

How did Scottish herbalism develop from its crude Celtic roots into widely-used alternative medicine? 

In what ways has the practice of herbalism changed in modern times from the Victorian world in which Duncan Napier founded Napiers? 

Herbalism is the oldest form of medicine in the world. It has been practiced for thousands of years, and is still the most widely-used method of healing in existence. 

This concise history reveals the development of herbalism through the ages, a unique journey from Neolithic Kurdistan to present-day Edinburgh. 

It also contains the casebook and autobiography of Duncan Napier, a Victorian practitioner of herbal medicine, with notes from a modern herbalist. 

From the creation of Lobelia Syrup for coughing to the 48 foot tapeworm, the history of Napiers makes for fascinating reading. 

(272 pages)

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