JUNE 2016

A Napiers Health Evening

Date: 6.30  -7.30pm Tues 21 June

Place: Napiers Glasgow, 61 Cresswell Street, G12 8AD


Napiers Clinic & Waterstone’s Bookstore invite you to the launch of Napiers Neurodiversity Clinic. Enjoy a drink while Dr Catriona Stewart PhD introduces the clinic and answers your questions about this innovative project. 

Neurodiversity describes the range of differences in the way our brains work; all the individual strengths, talents, quirks and challenges, that make up the human rainbow. It’s a term that’s often used to refer to the autism spectrum, Asperger’s, the attention deficits, dyslexia, dyspraxia and so on but it applies to every human being!

Napiers Neurodiversity Clinic is currently run on a voluntary contribution basis to provide access to all.

As well as advice and an opportunity to talk, our Neurodiversity Clinic can provide herbal and nutritional advice for optimising your general health and well being.

Waterstones will have some relevant books on sale during the evening.

Come into the store on 61 Cresswell Street G12 8AD in Glasgow's West End for more information.

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