Lucio Marcello


Lucio trained at the Glasgow School of Shiatsu, graduating in 2012. He is a member of the Shiatsu Society.


Each session is tailored to meet the needs of the individual. 

A Shiatsu treatment lasts for around an hour, which includes some time to connect and together set the focus for the session. Areas of pain, tension or weakness are treated with due attention, through thumb pressure, palming and gentle holding and stretching, and integrated into a whole body massage. Feedback from the receiver is always welcome, allowing time to create and settle in a space of deep relaxation where tension can be released and the body can recharge and realign.


Lucio is a fully qualified shiatsu practitioner, graduating in 2012 from the Glasgow School of Shiatsu. He is committed to continued learning, and since graduating he has taken two postgraduate courses on advanced Shiatsu techniques, with an emphasis on treating back and neck pain and promoting hip joint mobility. 

Lucio started developing an interest in Shiatsu as a massage therapy in 2004, when receiving Shiatsu helped him recover from a neck injury sustained whilst practicing capoeira, a Brazilian dance/martial art that he now teaches. With a strong background in scientific research (PhD, then research assistant at the University of Glasgow), he has also been practicing chi gong, yoga and meditation since 2002. 

He finds that Shiatsu can work as a great catalyst helping people be more present, resilient and resourceful in their bodies, promoting increased wellbeing and vitality. 

Lucio Marcello

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