Kate Roddick 

Nutrimark Sensitivity Tester

Kate practiced at Napiers for nine years . She is fully qualified in various complementary therapies. She trained as a Food Sensitivity tester with The Health Partnership Company, where she was taught how to use the Nutrimark 3 point marker system.

What is the programme?

The food sensitivity programme is based on 3 important markers:-

  • The frequency you eat the foods being tested 
  • Referral to our own Guide to the Foods Most Commonly Implicated in Symptoms of Food Intolerance
  • Results from the electronic machine measuring your body's reaction to each of the foods being tested
Elimination & Reintroduction

If it appears that you are intolerant to a specific food, we ear-mark it for elimination based on a priority system. Priority one means that you should consider eliminating that food immediately. Priority two means one month later. We never recommend that you eliminate too many foods at once. 

Kate takes into consideration your life style to ensure the goals set are achievable. You will be given a helpful booklet which can assist you through the elimination diet and any other dietary changes. 

Kate Roddick

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