Jane Jamieson

Nutritional Therapist

Jane has been working in private practice for 17 years and is a lecturer for the College of Naturopathic Medicine. Jane has a special interest in looking at natural ways to help the body to maintain optimum health and energy. This form of therapy works very well with all other therapies as eating the best way for your body gets the best results.

It is also possible to have tests such as allergy testing, hormone testing, hair test, nutrition status testing, digestive function tests, to find the fastest way to support your body’s health, and to monitor progress.

Jane provides nutritional therapy at Napiers Glasgow, creating tailor-made nutritional programmes to improve energy levels, support digestive issues, assist detoxification, balance hormones and improve immunity.

Jane also co-hosts healing retreats and run courses in healthy eating, living foods, superfoods and the use of seaweed, she also  lectures  and writes courses for the Seaweed Health Foundation to promote the use of seaweed for its health benefits.

She runs the meetup group “Healthy Living in the 21st Century” in Edinburgh. Jane can assist you to find the best dietary regime for your needs and your personality. Jane uses natural products such as healing foods as well as supplementation from the best quality products.

Jane Jamieson


0141 339 5859


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