Make your own Healthy Tea

Some ideas for combining herbs and spices to make your own herbal infusions. Kitchen cabinet medicine!

Calming Down Tea

Gentle Destress Tea

5 parts Valerian root 
4 parts Orange flowers
4 parts Passionflower
3 parts Aniseed
2 parts Lemon balm
2 parts Peppermint leaves 

6 parts Valerian root 
1 part Lemon balm
1 part Peppermint leaves
1 part Orange flowers
1 part Orange peel


Mellow Time Tea 

Kiddie Kalm Tea 

2 parts Lemon Balm leaves 
1 part Skullcap leaves
1 part Chamomile flowers   
1 part Hops

A blend without valerian to calm you and help you to sleep.

2 parts Chamomile flowers     
1 parts Peppermint leaves
1 parts Lemon Balm leaves    
1 parts Catnip leaves     

Children over 6 can have 1/4 to 1.2 cup 3 times a day. Children under 6 and babies give by the dropper.


Soothing Tummy Tea

Digestive Delight Tea

10 parts Peppermint leaves
8 parts Chamomile Flowers            
8 parts Caraway seed (crushed)
2 parts Liquorice root
2 parts Calamus rhizome  
2 parts Orange slices

For soothing the stomach

3 parts fresh grated Ginger root     
1 part Fennel seeds         
1 part Star anise seed    
1 part Orange peel         
1 part Liquorice root

Use as many fresh ingredients as possible to settle tummy troubles.


Tummy Toner Tea

Bitter Tea

1 part Catnip leaves
1 part Fennel (any part)          
1 part Ginger root (grated)         
1 part Peppermint leaves
A few orange slices to taste.

20 parts Wormwood 
20 parts Lesser centaury     
20 parts Bitter-orange peel
10 parts Bogbean     
10 parts Calamus rhizome

For stimulating digestion


To make a herbal infusion first simmer any bark or seed ingredients for 10 minutes, then add any leaves for a further 10 minutes. Then pour onto any flowers and steep for 5 minutes while cooling. Add honey to taste if you have a sweet tooth.

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