How to reset your password.

Click on Your Account.

Then scroll down to the second half of the page.

Under Change your password, enter you email address in the first box.

In the second box enter the security code. (The security code is the alphanumeric combination displayed in the top right hand corner of the screen. It is dark green dots on a hatched pale green background.)

Then click the button marked "Send me my reset link"

Now go and check your email. You will have received an email from Mailorder. with the Subject line Napiers website password reset. 

If you can't see it refresh your window. If you still can't see it please also check your Junk or Spam folder.

Once you have found the email, click on the link in that email.

You will be directed back to our website and asked to enter a new password.

We will also ask you to reconfirm the password by typing it again.

Finally you will need to enter the 3 digit green security code.

Now your password has been reset and you can log into your account.

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