Aromatherapy facials

This aromatherapy facial treatment uses luxurious aromatherapy oils, which are blended at the time of treatment, making it unique to each individual client. Different oils are used depending on the individuals skin type and preference and the gentle strokes and massage techniques help to relax and unwind. Everyone can benefit from an Aromatherapy Facial as a time to 'zone out' in a relaxed environment. Sessions vary from 30mins, 60mins and 90mins. For a list of all treatments, prices and durations click here.

Dr Hauschka

We are one of the few beauty salons in Scotland to offer the deeply relaxing and nourishing Dr Hauschka One Hour Facial. Read more about it here.

Guinot facial treatments

GUINOT is a French plant based skin care brand and is at the forefront of skincare treatment technology. The Hydradermie Facial is the first of its kind and has continued to be the ultimate facial treatment. It uses charged wands to help push the actives from the product into the skin, with amazing results. The facial lift is simply the best non Botox facial lift and our therapist will tailor the treatment to suit your needs. Read more about it here. 

Guinot Facial



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