Christine Sproull 

BSc (Hons), Member of the Society of Chiropody
and Podiatry (MChs) 

Christine Sproull BSc (Hons), MChs

Christine’s background is in nursing, having worked for over twenty years for the NHS, initially in Gynaecology and Maternity outpatient departments, followed by 14 years in Maternity and Postnatal wards. She gained her degree in Podiatry at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh and is qualified in all aspects of Podiatry. Christine is registered with the Health Professions Council and is a full member of the Society of Chiropody and Podiatry. 

In 2003 Christine completed her training as a Bowen practitioner and became a member of the European College of Bowen Studies (ECBS).  She is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), insuring a high standard of continual professional development.

Christine has also worked as a phlebotomist since 1999 and runs our phlebotomy service at Napiers Clinic where blood samples can be taken for a variety of tests. Her years of working in healthcare provision mean that Christine is calm, responsive and compassionate with all her clients as well as being highly experienced in patient care.



Christine is practised in the following areas of chiropody/podiatry:

BIOMECHANICS ASSESSMENT: A 60 minute appointment taking a full assessment of any structural functions or disorders carried out using the Bowen Technique to help with diagnosis. Orthotics and further appointments may be required depending on the client’s needs.

HIGH RISK PATIENTS : Rheumatoid Arthritis and Diabetic patients whose feet require to be regularly tested for blood supply to and from the foot. Also if there are any visual signs of deterioration such as ulceration of the feet or legs. 

VERRUCA TREATMENT : Cryopen therapy for the treatment of verrucas puts an end to those painful pads. Direct pinpoint precision provides accuracy thus reducing the painful blistering of the surrounding tissue. There are also a variety of other treatments which can be used in conjunction with the Cryopen. 

Nail Surgery is also available.



This innovative laser treatment for the eradication and destruction of fungal nail infections does away with the need for oral medication or daily application treatments. 4-6 treatments are required, however, depending on the severity of infection for some patients, more laser treatment may be needed or complete nail removal. 



Using the LCN Wilde-Pedique Plus gel system, Christine is able to reconstruct toenails that have been damaged or are almost completely missing and make the nail look normal and strong once again. An extremely elastic UV gel specifically designed for toenails, it adapts to the movements of the toe and its unique adhesive properties mean that good results can be achieved on calloused layers of skin where there is no toenail. Wilde-Pedique Plus also contains an anti-mykotic agent Olamine Piroctone to protect against and treat fungal infection and is effective on scaly nail surfaces, for correcting ridges and deformations, for hiding discolouration and for protecting growing toe nails.

This treatment can only be carried out by a podiatrist/ chiropodist as there may be fungal nail, different forms of trauma to the nail and require professional diagnosis and treatment before toenail reconstruction. The reconstruction can last for 5-6 weeks. However they require to be removed by the podiatrist/chiropodist. Nails can also be painted with specialist nail varnish.

Who would benefit from this treatment?

  • Clients requiring toe nail correction or a false nail for protection because of trauma or surgery.
  • Those requiring relief from discomfort while wearing foot wear, either by having a protective covering over a corrective brace for an in-growing toe nail or over areas that are especially sensitive due to chronic conditions.
  • Clients with psoriatic nails or nails requiring protection from infection due to vertical splits and also diabetic patients.

The normal treatment fees depending on appointment time required.

30 minutes = £30

60 minutes = £60

Please note: there has to be at least a small piece of existing nail for the gel to be attached to. The price of each nail is as follows: Big toenails =£15 each; Middle nails =£10; Small nails are free when getting any other nails done.

A pot of toenail reconstruction gel is available for a one off cost of £40 and is the most economical option if you plan to have several treatments over time. Depending on how many nails are affected, a pot of gel can last over a year.


MEDIPED Warm Wax Therapy Treatment

Upgrade your podiatry treatment and experience a therapeutic warm wax treatment, based around your specific needs.

Mediped uses paraffin wax heat therapy to increase blood flow and tolerance for pain whilst relaxing muscles and increasing hydration in the skin, so it’s a great treatment for dry feet. Intended to moisturise and soften the skin whilst providing a therapeutic and healing effect to sore and aching joints, this treatment is particularly beneficial for those suffering from arthritis and rheumatic pain.

Paraffin wax deceases calluses on the feet whilst deoderising and soothing the skin. The essential oils intensely moisturise and provide an antiseptic and anti inflammatory action. Oils include: lavender; frankincense; myrrh; orange, bay leaf oil; sunflower oil.

This treatment lasts one hour and costs £60.



Initial appointments last 30 minutes where a full medi­cal history will be taken including details of  past operations, bone injuries, diseases or illness, footwear, quality and range of motion of the foot and circulation. A full list of current medication may also be required.

Clients are welcome to discuss any foot problems they are unsure about as all are deemed significant.



Bowen Technique works on the principle that the body intuitively knows how to heal itself.  Christine believes that the physical and spiritual sides of a person should both be treated and the holistic nature of Bowen means it is especially proficient at encompassing this philosophy. Treatment with Bowen allows the body to find a gentle solution, which is key to successful healing.

The Bowen technique is a non invasive remedial therapy. The practitioner uses fingers and thumbs to apply light pressure accurately to certain points of the body, using distinctive rolling-type movements. These send a message, through the stimulation of nerve endings, to the brain. This stimulation causes a subtle turn of events, initiating the body to reset and restore balance and harmony which, in turn, leads to pain relief, enhanced mobility and vitality. It is a very relaxing experience.


Bowen has an extremely soothing and calming effect on the body. During an asthma attack the patient panics and this sets off a cascade of potentially dangerous events. Bowen helps to reduce the severity and frequency of attacks and can, ultimately, lead to a change in medications. There are no age limits and Bowen Technique is a fundamentally relaxing treatment leading to an overall sense of deep calm and wellbeing. For more information on Bowen and asthma please visit: and


Clients can wear light clothing, although these must not be slippery or tight. A treatment can last from 45 minutes to an hour. A medical history will be taken along with any information on current medication, past injuries or events specific to treatment. Further treatment should be 5-7 days apart and, in general, 3 treatments will be required, depending on the nature of the problem. Response to treatment can be either subtle or strong. Every person’s response is unique to them and this is recorded for future treatments. As the body acclimatizes to Bowen, balance is restored. 

Diversity of moves and procedures permit the practitioner to focus on specific problem areas.  Deeply relaxing and suitable for all ages, it can help in the management of a wide range of health problems and can work beautifully in conjunction with other therapies. Although Bowen does not cure illness per se, it can lead to a markedly enhanced quality of life and can be particularly helpful for the following health concerns:

Morning sickness    Colic    Asthma    Symphysis pubis    Hormonal issues    Back pain  

Shoulder pain    Muscle spasm    Sciatica    IBS    Stress    Sports injuries  

Relaxation Depression     Chest pain     Indigestion     Migraine and headaches

Anatomical limb length deficiency                                



Phlebotomy is the practice of drawing blood from patients in order for the samples to be used by a laboratory for a range of tests which may have been requested by your CAM therapist, GP or other healthcare provider.

We officially work with Regenerus Laboratories but we can offer the service for other laboratories as long as the patient is happy to post the results and the samples do not need any further treatment.

Centrifuge Applications for Blood Separation

Blood samples that require centrifuge will generally be sent away to a laboratory although there are a small number of blood samples that can be centrifuged at Napiers Clinic. Please be aware that blood samples sent away for centrifuge will incur additional postal costs.

The role of a centrifuge in testing blood is to separate whole blood into its various components. Each component of blood has a specific use in the body and therefore a different test may be required for each component. Blood can be centrifuged in a tube, bottle or bag.

The customer is responsible for bringing the test to the appointment and for posting the samples unless otherwise stated.

The appointment lasts 30 minutes although for most patients the whole process only takes around 10-15 minutes. We offer this length of appointment as once bloods have been collected they need to stand for 20 minutes at room temperature and the patient will be required to wait in the clinic during this time. We also like to ensure that patients are not rushed during a procedure that can be stressful for some people.


Prices (per treatment):


30 minute appointment - £32 (new patient)

30 minute appointment - £30 (subsequent appointments)

Biomechanics appointment - £55 plus any insoles

Laser nail appointment - £80 for all foot nails and £120 both both hands and feet


Adult - £40

Child - £35


The cost of a 30 minute appointment, dealing with 1 - 2 samples which do not require centrifuging, is £30. Please see below for prices of appointments for over 2 samples and/or requiring centrifuging:

2 samples requiring standing time and centrifuging - £45 for 45 minute appointment

3 - 4 samples not requiring centrifuging - £45 for 45 minute appointment

3 - 4 samples requiring standing time and centrifuging - £60 for 60 minute appointment

5 - 10 samples, whether or not centrifuging is required - £75 although this amount will be reduced appropriately if the process takes an hour or less.

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