napiers Chickweed Cream


A fantastic all over moisturiser with cooling chickweed and aloe vera for those with incredibly sensitive skin.

An unfragranced very mild moisturising cream suitable for both babies and adults with very sensitive skin. Some skin is irritated by even natural compounds like chamomile, and our natural non-allergenic Chickweed Cream is often the only cream that can be tolerated. Formulated by our Napiers’ herbalists, cooling calming Chickweed Cream also helps to soothe and moisturise hot, dry, itchy skin with the added benefits of sweet almond oil.

Gentle enough to use on your face as a non-irritating moisturiser if you have skin that is sensitive to chemicals (such as a tendency to eczema and dermatitis).


Apply as often as required to to hot or sensitive skin, red or dry areas.


Contains: Aqua, Prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) seed oil, cetearyl alcohol, Stellaria media (chickweed) flower oil, glycerine (palm-free vegetable origin), polysorbate 40, phenoxyethanol, benzyl alcohol and dehyroacetic acid, sorbitan palmitate, citric acid. 


Avoid getting this product in your eyes. For very sensitive skin always do a patch test first, for example, on the inside of your elbow.


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Chickweed Cream in Jar


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by Caro submitted on 25/12/2019
My husband has an eczema condition that flares up particularly in winter with colder temperatures. He was prescribed hydrocortisone cream but I was worried about him using a steroid cream for long periods, so decided to see what other options there were. The discovery of chickweed cream has been transformative, and he finds this brand good, partly because it has very little smell (some other brands have a rather strong smell) and partly because it is effective even when sparingly used. Also it rubs in very easily, and is effective almost instantly, which gives great relief from itching. It is now proving really useful for our granddaughter, who has eczema in her elbow joints and tends to scratch at night when asleep. This is the only thing that stops her.
Eczema - we use their chickweed cream for childhood …
by Ruth submitted on 24/05/2017
Use their chickweed cream for childhood eczema, works for us brilliantly. Started using it as no other creams helped and some even created flare-ups. It has worked for us so far, so I would definitely say try it.

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