Caro Tulloch


Caro Tulloch trained in aromatherapy massage with the London School of Aromatherapy in 1986 and holds their Advanced Diploma. She served on the Council of the International Federation of Aromatherapy in 1989 and has been working with Napiers Clinic since 1990. 

Over the years, she has continually developed and expanded her advanced massage skills and uses a full holistic approach to each individual and their treatment. Within a treatment she will advise on diet, lifestyle and stress control. She specialises in back, shoulder & neck problems and the link between emotional and physical states.

Caro incorporates Hot Stones into all her massages as she has discovered that the heat of the stones intensifies the therapeutic qualities of the essential oils, relaxing muscle tissues and encouraging relaxation.

Aromatherapy & Hot Stone Massage

Aromatherapy is a therapeutic treatment that combines essential oils with therapeutic massage to enhance health and well being. It has been used by medical practitioners of the world’s great civilisations as far back as 2000BC. 

Each essential oil has its own unique therapeutic properties. Aromatherapy oils combined with Hot Stones can treat a wide range of physical and emotional problems; including back and neck pain, muscular aches and tension, arthritis, general anxiety and depression. Aromatherapy can also relieve stress and provide a deep relaxation that allows the body’s natural healing ability to be released.


Reflexology works on the basis that zones in the feet are associated with various organs and regions of the body. It treats the whole body through working with pressure on the reflex points in the feet. It is deeply relaxing and can promote a feeling of well being, as well as being a useful clinical treatment in many ailments.


Don’t struggle on your own. Counselling is an individual experience that offers the opportunity to explore thoughts, memories, fears and feelings in a safe, supported and non-judgemental environment. Some people come to counselling with a particular issue; such as relationship problems, low self-confidence, depression or bereavement. Others find therapy useful for gaining a perspective on the past, helping make better decisions in the present and opening up more possibilities for the future. Whether you want to discuss past experiences, concerns about the future or issues with the way you are living now, counselling is a route to greater self-awareness and reaching your potential. 

You may seek counselling because you are; feeling depressed, low and lacking in confidence, or sense that something is not right in your life. You may be unhappy with your relationships or unable to form close satisfying relationships. You may be discontent with your job, family and anxious or angry and find it difficult to cope at home or work. Confused or overwhelmed with life changes, issues about identity or sexuality, or making important decisions. You may also want to explore unresolved issues and events from the past. Don’t struggle on your own. Caro is a professionally trained and experienced therapist. She is used to helping people from many different backgrounds with a wide range of issues. She will offer support, understanding and listen to you, working alongside you towards a more satisfying experience of your life.

Caro Tulloch

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