Calming Chamomile
My First Tea

A delicious, calming organic herbal tea for children once they are weaned onto solid foods

My First Tea contains only pure organically grown chamomile flowers that make a soothing and calming, relaxing herbal tea.

• Soothing for tummies
• Calming before bedtime

When you start reading stories at bedtime, you can also point out to your child that Peter Rabbit’s mother gave him Chamomile Tea to relax him when he’d had a stressful day in Mr McGregor’s garden!

Chamomile is a good introduction to herbal teas for children once they are weaned and taking solid foods. It can also be enjoyed by mum and all the family and is a great tasty alternative to squashes or sweet drinks. 

Chamomile flowers can also be added to the bath water to make a soothing, natural and fragrant calming bath if baby's skin is a little irritated. Tie a small handful of flowers into a muslin bag or a loose weave hanky and tie under the hot tap as you run the water. (Always make sure the bath is not too hot for baby by testing the water temperature with your elbow.)


Organically grown chamomile flowers (matricaria recutita).


Put one teaspoon of the herb in a small teapot of boiling water. Allow to steep for 5-10 minutes. Strain and add honey to sweeten if desired.

Make sure that the tea is cool enough to drink by testing it yourself. Do not give tea that is too hot to your child. Give small amounts to your child in a bottle or feeding cup.


Our chamomile is grown on organic farms to certified organic standards. As the supply varies according to the season and availability, we use several farms with different certifying bodies which is why this pack does not carry the logo of a specific certifying body. 


Chamomile is a member of a plant family called Asteraceae. This family also includes daisies, ragwort, lettuce, artichoke and sunflowers. People who are allergic to Asteraceae plants may also be allergic to chamomile. If you, your family or your baby have allergies, asthma or hayfever it is best to avoid chamomile. If in doubt, please talk to your health visitor or to a healthcare practitioner. 

Always make sure that you keep hot liquids away from children to avoid accidental spills that might burn their sensitive skin.

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Amazing stuff!
by Jim submitted on 21/05/2015
We've been using this tea religiously for the past 2 months to help our 2 year old daughter to relax at bedtime. Works like magic! Couldn't recommend it enough, not only does it help her get some sleep but her mammy and daddy too! Thank you Napiers!!

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