Counselling is an individual experience that offers the opportunity to explore thoughts, memories, fears and feelings in a safe, supported and non-judgemental environment.

Some people come to counselling with a particular issue; such as relationship problems, low self-confidence, depression or bereavement. Others find therapy useful for gaining a perspective on the past, helping make better decisions in the present and opening up more possibilities for the future.

Whether you want to discuss past experiences, concerns about the future or issues with the way you are living now, counselling is a route to greater self-awareness and reaching your potential.

Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling is counselling for a couple with the aim to resolve issues in their relationship. It helps the couple to develop a deeper understanding of each other, of their interaction with one another, and of the challenges in the relationship. 

Couple Counselling encourages better communication between partners, not only during the counselling session but also as a new way of relating to each other in everyday life.