Malgorzata Pilaszek

Malgorzata Pilaszek

PhD, Dip. Herb. (CNM), Dip. Nat. Nut. (CNM).

Malgorzata practices Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy & Herbal Medicine remotely at Napiers Edinburgh Clinic. Malgorzata studied her Diploma in Herbal Medicine and her three year Diploma in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM). She is member of several professional bodies that require members to follow a strict code of conduct, ethics and continuous professional development and training. Malgorzata is also qualified in a wide range of complementary therapies, including: KORE (Kinaesthetic Optimum Recovery Enhancement) Therapy, Amno-Fu 5 Element Abdominal Massage, Cupping, Cranial Balancing and Stress Release.


Malgorzata holds a Diploma in Herbal Medicine and a Diploma in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy from the College of Naturopathic Medicine, Edinburgh.


B.A.N.T. (British Association for Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine)

A.M.H. (Association of Master Herbalists)

A.N.P. (Association of Naturopathic Practitioners)

N.N.A. (Naturopathic Nutrition Association)

F.H.T. (Federation of Holistic Therapists)

C.N.H.C. (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council)


Malgorzata's journey on becoming a naturopath began while she was working on her book on witchcraft trials in 16th - 18th centuries. At that time, Malgorzata had a chance to read the original editions of herbals from the 16th and 17th centuries, full of unique information about plants, herbs, and flowers. This has developed into a lifelong passion.

Eventually, Malgorzata found her calling in being both a nutritional therapist and herbalist, creating effective herbal, nutrition and lifestyle choices programs. It is her joy to help people improve their health using herbal medicine, whole-food nutrition, supplements, cupping and manual therapies.


The first consultation takes approximately 60 minutes. Malgorzata will take a detailed medical history covering symptoms, medications, diet and lifestyle to discover the root cause of body imbalances.

Action point program is often focused of maximizing mindset, quality nutrition, nerve supply, and detoxification to help the body do its job as it’s the body that is still responsible to treat and heal itself, regardless of whether invasive or natural approach is used. Malgorzata will also formulate a mix of individually tailored herbs that suit your needs.

A follow up consultation 4 weeks later will last approximately 30 minutes. If you need further consultations, visits are generally at 4-6 week intervals.


Malgorzata has a special interest in: - Autoimmune disorders - Gastrointestinal problems - Gout/arthritis - Hormone-related problems - Gynaecological issues - Inflammatory disorders - Chronic fatigue - Sleep disorders - Skin issues - Detoxification


If you would like to book an appointment with Malgorzata please contact Napiers Edinburgh Clinic Reception on 0131 225 5542, or email us at

March 29, 2024 — Caitlin Keddie
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