Kirstin Bruges

Kirstin Bruges

Kirstin Bruges


Kirstin is a fully qualified member of the Society of Homeopaths and holds an RSHom distinction in Classical Homeopathy. Kirstin qualified in 2019 from the Northwest College of Homeopathy's four-year training course in Manchester.

Kirstin treats a wide variety of conditions, but has a special interest in autoimmune diseases, gynaecological issues, and the treatment of anxiety and mental health conditions. She also specialises in gastrointestinal problems, arthritis (musculoskeletal issues) and chronic fatigue. She combines her extensive knowledge of Classical Homeopathy as well as up to date research in homeopathy and integrated health management in order to provide the best quality care to her patients.

In 2017, she received the ‘UK Student Achievement Award’ from the Society of Homeopaths. She continues professional development through attending research seminars, clinical observation and supervision groups.

Kirstin was treated successfully with homeopathy for Post Viral Fatigue and to manage her own autoimmune condition, celiac disease. She credits Homeopathy for restoring both her mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. She has been using homeopathic remedies personally ever since and with all family members, both old and young.


Kirstin’s approach is to view each person individually and to go beyond the surface symptoms (which may only be temporarily relieved) and resolve balance at a deeper layer, within an individual. Homeopathy has a huge potential to make a positive difference in our lives, whatever physical or emotional challenges you are currently facing.


“Going to see Kirstin for homeopathy is one of the best things I've ever done. From the first session, the effects were dramatic. I went with an open mind and was amazed at how two little pills could transform my energy, mind-set and outlook in such a profound way.

Kirstin is very easy to talk to, thoughtful and considerate of what treatment best fits individual situations. The treatment she chose for me has been brilliant. It helps me to calmly and confidently deal with the stresses and challenges of my busy day-to-day life.

For anyone wanting try homeopathy, but unsure, I'd say to give it a go and you, like me, may be surprised by how a little can achieve such a lot – in my case, more than I ever imagined or thought possible. Thank you, Kirstin!”

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An initial consultation will usually last 90 minutes (60 minutes for children under 16 years old), during which time she will discuss in detail the current symptoms, as well as the past medical history and emotional wellbeing. Homeopathic treatment is a long-term investment to better health and a minimum of two follow up appointments are advised.

Repeat consultations last 45 minutes, during which time Kirstin will assess the progress of the condition, and make any changes necessary to your remedy.

Kirstin practices from Napiers Edinburgh Clinic.
If you would like to discuss whether homeopathy could support you or to make an appointment, please contact Kirstin directly on  07838503091 or visit Kirstin's website here.

Alternatively, if you need further help please call Napiers Edinburgh Clinic on 0131 225 5542 or email

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Thanos Razis

Thanos Razis

Thanos Razis, Medical Herbalist & Homeopath

BSc Hons Herbal Medicine, University of Westminster


Thanos is an experienced Medical Herbalist and Homeopath. He studied Herbal Medicine at the University of Westminster, graduating in 2007, and went on to practice as resident herbalist at a London clinic whilst studying for his Classical Homeopathy degree at the same institution. In 2013, he moved to Scotland and started practicing at D.Atkinson Herbalist in Edinburgh. He now practices at Napiers Bathgate and Napiers Edinburgh Clinics.


Thanos' approach to treatment is in accordance with his belief that, to a lesser or greater extent, better health is achievable by anyone who has the will and commitment to make long term changes and incorporate new, more beneficial habits into their life. Illness, and especially chronic one, can be the end result of factors and/or habits that can go back years in a person’s life and so to achieve true health it needs patience, commitment and time.

Thanos has found that blending herbal medicine with homeopathy is a gentle but effective approach particularly suitable for those weakened by long-term chronic illnesses, people with sensitive constitutions and for children. 


Thanos’s clinic is on Thursdays and can be in person, through Skype or FaceTime from 10:30 - 13:30 and 14:30 - 16:30. 

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