Siobhan Rodgers

Phlebotomist Siobhan Rodgers has a wealth of experience from her background and work, with several years of phlebotomy experience gained within the NHS, private practices & doctor surgeries. She now runs her own company, SR Phlebotomy.

When you visit Siobhan here at our clinic, your bloods are collected and sent off to the laboratory on the same day by courier or post. The laboratory will then provide your results to you directly after receipt of blood collections and the required tests being carried out.

Siobhan is able to see children from the age of 8 upwards here at our clinic. Skilled at putting her patients at ease, Siobhan spends extra time with them during and after the procedure, understanding that some patients have real needle-phobia or suffer panic attacks at the thought of the blood withdrawal procedure, although most admit it is completely painless.

Phlebotomy Service