Cath Kay

MNIMH Medical Herbalist

Cath Kay is an experienced Medical Herbalist, graduating from the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine with her Diploma in 2002. She has been a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists since 2002. Cath also helps to organise the Scottish Radical Herbal Gathering.

She believes in the links between people, plants and the planet, empowering people to use natural remedies to improve well-being. A keen wild-crafter, she gathers herbs from the hedgerows to use in her medicines and shares her knowledge on herb walks regularly. She is involved with several Community Gardens which are proving very popular and facilitates Herb Study Circles from Napiers Bathgate.


The ability of nature to improve mental health is becoming well known and fits well with the treatment of issues such as anxiety, depression, stress and long-term chronic states of unwellness. Cath firmly believes that herbs can treat almost anything.

Cath has treated many ailments such as IBS and digestion, skin problems, periods, fertility, menopause, sore joints, low mood, anxiety, sleep and stress headaches. Underactive thyroid, fatigue and Lyme disease are also conditions that often crop up in our clinic.

Cath can also give advice on diet and nutrition, weight loss, exercise, fitness, stress management and relaxation techniques.


Cath is not currently taking appointments.