Natural creams to help keep skin and muscles in good condition for MMA fighters, boxers and wrestlers.

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Capsicum and Ginger Cream is a warming skin cream that helps to stimulate the skin, bringing blood (and oxygen) to the area. Don't expect it to be hot and strong smelling - this is not a medicated Deep Heat or Tiger Balm type embrocation. It feels slightly warm and contains 9 herbal extracts. Rubefacients capsicum, ginger and black pepper, arnica and comfrey which renew, tone and strengthen the skin’s capillary structure, and essential oils of juniper, marjoram, lavender and tea tree. 

Unlike heat embrocations that are greasy and sometimes burn, Capsicum and Ginger Warming Cream is a light airy cream. It goes on to the muscles thick, which helps with massage, and ultimately works fully into the skin, warming up and soothing for muscles, and relieving stress and stiffness in the back, neck and shoulders, legs and arms. It provides just the right amount of increased blood flow and heat to help muscles recover faster. Stimulating and warming the skin also helps with loss of sensation in hands and feet.

Speeding skin regeneration and tone

Arnica Emergency Skin Cream contains arnica for skin discolouration, comfrey (known commonly as ‘knitbone’) to renew tissue structure, connective tissue and collagen, and witch hazel which is high in tannins, helping to tighten and tone the capillary system under the skin's epidermis. Used by athletes to condition the skin and skin's sub-structure, it makes a great pre and post-activity rub for areas where the skin takes a lot of knocks.

Arnica and Meadowsweet Salve is in a handy travel tin. As well as soothing arnica, it contains meadowsweet that, like white willow, contains natural salicylic acid. Great for tender spots and areas that need just a small amount, like the bridge of your nose, and being an ointment it doesn’t easily sweat off.

Massage with herbal oils

Some of our favourite massage oils for extreme sports include:

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Intro Injuries Muscle Tone Skin Infections Mind & Stress Stomach