Case History

Lower Back Pain & Sciatica

by David Drysdale, Osteopath

Patient: Man 36 years 

Occupation: Joiner 

Pain: 7/10 

Complaint: Sudden onset of Low Back Pain and Sciatica while lifting at work 3 days earlier. 

Treatment: No treatment was given at the first consultation, as the condition was too painful and inflamed - Treatment would have made the condition worse at this stage. The patient was instructed to rest at home for 3 days and take analgesics. 

Treatment began 3 days later with Acupuncture and Spinal Manipulation. The patient was 80% improved 2 days later, when he had a second treatment. 

The patient received a third treatment 1 week later, and was almost pain free by this stage. The patient was advised to return if he felt it necessary. 

Prognosis: Good, but must take care to lift within his physical limit. 

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