Alex Colvin

BSc (Hons), Sports Massage Therapist

Alex is a qualified Sports Massage therapist who is currently undertaking a 2-year Master’s program in Physiotherapy at Glasgow Caledonian University. He recently graduated from the University of Strathclyde in 2017 with a 1st Class Honours degree in Sport and Physical Activity. His academic background equips him with the knowledge to understand various injuries, sporting and otherwise, and how Sports Massage can be best used to facilitate relaxation, pain relief, and recovery.

Since qualifying as a Sports Massage therapist, Alex has volunteered at International Swimming competitions and worked alongside other therapists to provide Sports Massage at major marathon and endurance events throughout Scotland.

  • BSc in Sport and Physical Activity – 1st Class Honours
  • Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage from iTEC
  • Currently studying for an MSc in Physiotherapy
What is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is a form of deep massage which targets soft connective tissue in the body such as muscles, ligaments, and the skin. It is commonly used with sports persons and athletes and creates improved blood flow, increased flexibility, and enhanced muscle tone. By improving these attributes, it enables individuals to train and perform at the best of their abilities, while also helping to avoid injury.

Despite Sports Massage being traditionally centred around sports and athletes, it can be used to treat any muscle pain and tightness. With the increase in office working and sedentary behaviour, pain around the neck and back are common. Sports Massage can treat this pain by releasing the built-up tightness in the muscles around these regions. It can also be beneficial to people who have recently undergone surgery, as it helps break up the scar tissue which typically forms after the operation and encourages faster recovery.

What you can Expect from Sports Massage

A Sports Massage can be booked for either 30 or 60 minutes. Before performing the massage, Alex will initially take a short questionnaire-based assessment in order to gage what areas of the body are best targeted and what specific techniques would be most appropriate to use.

You will then be able to privately change into loose shorts/tank top that you have brought from home before starting the massage. A towel will be provided and will cover any parts of the body not currently being worked on.

Alex will then perform the Sports Massage, after which you will again be given time alone to wipe off any massage oil and to change back into your normal clothes.

It is recommended that you do not eat two hours before the massage, that no alcohol is consumed before or immediately after, and that you hydrate yourself with water following the massage.


£25 for a 30-minute session, or £40 for a 60-minute session.

Alex Colvin

0141 339 5859


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