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Brand New: Rowan Skincare

Formulate to brighten and protect the skin. Suitable for all skin types.
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"A trusted and reliable supplier of quality products who has served me well over many years."
Paul , 03 Apr 2024
"Founded in 1860, the company is among the largest in the UK offering traditional herbal remedies and therapies."
"Napiers the Herbalists, one of Edinburgh’s most iconic and longest established businesses."
"Duncan Napier opened his herbal dispensary in 1860 in Edinburgh, hoping to trigger a revolution in healthcare by providing affordable access to natural medicine."

Meticulously crafted & carefully sourced from the finest botanicals and extracts from across the globe.


Gifts & Sets

Ideal for both special occasions & self-indulgence. From luxurious creams & serums to hydrating oils and essences.

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Skin & Beauty

Discover our all-natural botanical skincare products. Formulated using only the purest plant extracts & ingredients.

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Explore our carefully curated collection of natural products, skincare & supplements. We stock only tried, tested and trusted brands.

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Immune Health

From herbal blends to immune-boosting vitamins & supplements.

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Sleep, Stress & Mood

Support regular sleep, manage stress & promote a balanced mood.

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Menopause Support

Support your menopause with natural creams, herbs & supplements.

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Book a Free 15 Minute Herbal Consultation

Book a remote session with one of our experienced herbalists to better understand your specific health concerns & goals.

n.b. not all herbalists offer this type of consultation.

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Celebrating 163 Years of Our Edinburgh Heritage

Over the last 163 years, Napiers has become one of the UK's leading names in complementary & natural health care. We are dedicated to the best of health & wellbeing through the use of herbal medicine & other natural therapies.

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